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Shawn stared at the Elite, circling around him carefully, as the Elite did the same.

"Hello ?" Shawn asked hesitantly, rifle half raised after being filled with a fresh clip.

"I am SpecOps Commander Vlad 'Lethum, and your a SPARTAN. I think we can complete our mission together, what happened to you fellow Human's ?" Vlad stood tall, dwarfing Shawn by at least a foot.

"Others ? I came down here alone to find the ODST's...wait why are you here ?" Shawn stared at the being through his visor, slightly angered HIGHCOM didn't trust him alone.

"I came here to deal with the Jiralhanae above and lead my fellow Sangheili down to help your "ODST's". But things, well...didn't go to plan." Vlad motioned all around, and Shawn huffed.

"No wonder this place is a mess, anyway we need to find a way across, any idea's ?" Shawn lowered his rifle and looked down to the dark chasm below.

"Just one. Fall." Shawn had no time to turn as he was kicked from his footing, and plummeted to the muddy river below.

"This is my mission, and I am seeing it through." Vlad smiled devilishly, and picked up Shawn's MA5C.

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