|Special Warfare GroupEdit

The Special Warfare Group is a Covenant/Separatist military organization believed to be responsible for all Special Operations.

It has at least two subdivisions: Special Operations and Covenant Fleet Security, and includes at least two races: the Sangheili and Unggoy.

The Elites and the Elites are ranks that are not in the Special Operations, but are a part of the Special Warfare Group.

Special Warfare Group (Separatists)Edit

The Special Warfare Group of the Separatists consists of Elites, Grunts and even some hunters. The Ranks of each branch are as follows:

Spec-Ops Ranks + Extended
Elite (Extended)

Spec-Ops Minor | Spec-Ops Major | Spec-Ops Commando (Officer) | Spec-Ops Commander

Grunt (Extended)

Spec-Ops Minor | Spec-Ops Major


Spec-Ops Minor |Spec-Ops Major | Spec-Ops Guard

Fleet Security Ranks

Security Minor | Security Major | Security Ultra | Security Officer | Security Commander


Security Minor | Security Major


Security Guardian

Stealth Ranks + Extended
Elite (Extended)

Stealth Major | Stealth Ultra | Stealth Commander

Ranger Ranks + Extended
Elite (Extended)

Ranger Minor | Ranger Major | Ranger Ultra

Special OperationsEdit

Very highly skilled warriors trained for some of the most dangerous operations known, the Spec Ops Division is one of the highest combat ranking divisions of the Separatist army. With their high powered shielding and a good active camouflage system, the Spec Ops units are also some of the most dangerous units there are. With the added addition of the Spec Ops Hunters, the Special Operations Division is one of the most valued soldiers around.

Fleet SecurityEdit

Aboard the fleets, the Fleet Security is well trained in the close quarters of their ships. Having memorized each zone of their ships perfectly, the Fleet Security can move in on targets aboard their ship with substantial speed. The Hunter Guardians, a newer addition to the Fleet Security act as the heavy reinforcements should they be needed.

Stealth ElitesEdit

Though few in numbers, the Stealth Elites are more dangerous than the Spec Ops teams, as the are trained harder and longer than the Special Operations are. With greater active camouflage, and greater shielding, the Stealth Elite makes for the perfect silent soldier. Though rarely used in open combat such as the Special Operations units, the Stealth Elites act as hidden guards for high ranking officials, and sometimes even go on missions that would otherwise be held for Spec Ops teams. With their greater training and superior roles, Stealth Elites under orders can have a Spec Ops Commander and his unit removed from the area. Though this causes much controversy as the Stealth Elites are lower ranked than a Special Operations unit, everyone understands the importance of the orders given to them.

Ranger ElitesEdit

After the separation from the covenant, the Ranger Elites returned to take back aerial combat from the Drones. Trained in the use of anti-grav packs, the Rangers are fierce warriors that are used for special missions in which few have heard of, but are also sent with the normal army or even the Spec Ops teams as a support unit. While having no active camouflage within a Spec Ops unit, the Ranger is often kept behind the group and brought out when the fight has begun, giving them aerial superiority.